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Early in the morning on August 8, 2015, while the world is sleeping, we’ll be lacing up our hiking boots. We’ll strap up, gear up, and hit the trails. Over five hundred men and women will be ascending peaks across the state, attempting to summit all 54 of Colorado’s Fourteeners in one day – with the goal of raising money to help end water poverty for over 1,000 families in Nicaragua. 


If you’re an adventure-loving human who craves the crisp alpine air in your lungs, thrives in active community, and strives to have a positive impact in the world, we want you. Join us.





The Colorado 54 is a one-day outdoor adventure event taking place on August 8, 2015. Through the event, we hope to have hikers like you – over 500 men and women – hit the 14er trailheads with us, climbing to bring people in the developing world access to clean drinking water. Each participant will attempt to climb one 14er with their Summit Team, and the goal of the event is for the entire group to collectively climb all 54 of these peaks within a 24 hour period. The fundraising goal of The ’54 is to provide access to clean water to over a thousand families in need in Nicaragua by mobilizing the outdoor community to social action via this massive crowdfunding campaign. It’s poised to be one of the biggest mountain events in Colorado history, and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

Date: August 8, 2015

Cost of Registration: $50 (goes toward your campaign)

Minimum Campaign Goal: There is no minimum campaign goal, but the more you raise the more we can help people get clean water!

*Pick your 14er and register at mob.secondmilewater.org/co54



Every great story is intimately tied with great adventure, and our great story is seeing men, women and children in the developing world come to know healthier lives free of the burden of waterborne disease. Our great adventure is helping people here live a better story with their lives through social-action events like The Colorado 54.

The Colorado 54 is more than an event, however. It’s a place and time to stand up for those who aren’t heard and to shout their story from the mountaintops. It’s a springboard to live a better story in some small way. It’s a space for you to connect with people, get out of your comfort zone, build community, push yourself, and adventure well.


And it gives you an excuse to get all your friends together and start a tradition.

When the rubber hits the road (or, rather, ‘when the Vibram hits the trail’), our vision is that over 500 people sign up to do the ’54, join the Second Mile Mob through creating fundraisng campaigns with us, and raise enough money to bring over 1,000 families in Nicaragua access to clean, safe drinking water. On August 8, 2015, we hope to see these each team attempt to summit their peak, and together across the state see our people climb as many 14ers as we can scramble up. We’ll have a livestream page up on Ascent Day, pulling in all updates hashtagged #co54 and tracking in real time where each of our teams is located on the mountain. We’ll have 5 contests for Ascent Day with big prizes from our sponsors. A few of these contests, for example, will be ‘Best Dance Moves Above 14,000 Feet’, and ‘Biggest Fundraiser’. These awards will be given out after Ascent Day at our Basecamp Celebration. Prizes range from t-shirts and other swag to new cameras all the way up to a round trip for two to Nicaragua to visit the work of Second Mile Water (and perhaps get some surfing in, too!).

We’re excited to make this event phenomenal, and thank you for getting involved with our work!



             Second Mile Water exists to bring a permanent end to water poverty in the developing world by inspiring people to social action.


Second Mile Water is the organization responsible for putting on the Colorado 54. As an organization, we believe that the human connection extends across the world, but starts in our own back yard (which happens to be the Rockies!). We want to use everything we’ve been given to make the world a little bit better, and we work tirelessly to bring a permanent end to water poverty in the developing world. We live to see our friends in places like Nicaragua in Central America who have spent their entire lives fetching dirty river water gain access to clean, safe water for their families and communities. We live to see a day when little girls don’t have to look forward to a life of carrying 40-pound buckets of water home twice a day.

We believe that a ragtag band of passionate people can make a difference – can, perhaps even, end water poverty.


From the beginning over two years ago, we didn’t want to simply take the old-school route of asking people to pry open their wallets to support what we do. What we do is beautiful and worth every penny, but we set forth a new-school vision where people become actively engaged in helping us end water poverty. Our audacious vision is that people’s lives right here could actually be changed for the better through being a part of what we do. It’s why our organization mantra is ‘Live a Better Story. End Water Poverty.‘, and the Colorado54 is a perfect example of this in action. It’s people having a positive impact in the world, growing community, adventuring well, and being a part of something big. Does it get any better?

Find out more about our organization at secondmilewater.org