Ten Most Inspiring Colorado Photographers on Instagram

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In preparation for climbing our 14ers on August 2nd, we’ve been seeking some inspiration. We scoped out the best and most inspirational Colorado Instagram accounts, from professional photographers to enthusiastic amateurs, to provide that daily dose of altitude and awe. These Colorado photographers on Instagram share everything from their top notch portfolio pieces to hidden glimpses into their recreational exploits. Whether you’re at your desk needing some mountain motivation, or taking a breather during your daily run, check out these Top Ten Colorado Instagramers and get your toes twitching for The Colorado 54.


Our number one pick, Colby Brown, is a Denver based photographer and educator. His Instagram feed is sure to have you reaching for your pack, with sensational landscapes and evocative portraiture. Travel the globe with Colby Brown by following his frequent posts of hillsides, sunsets, crashing ocean shores, and more.


For blue skies and summit sensations, take a look at the work of Photographer Senad R. His outdoor photography is also featured on his blog, which contains write ups on local trails and many of Colorado’s 14ers. Among his collection, the gnarled bristlecone pines on Mt. Evans and the abrasive summit of Crestone Needle.


This Colorado photographer describes himself as, “obsessed with living the Colorado dream.” Can you blame him? Alongside his faithful canine companion Dusty Crow Photo is exploring our great state from valley to summit and everything in between. Following this Colorado photographer on Instagram is sure to ignite your inner adventurer.


This anonymous Instagram account feeds a regular stream of natural scenery and soothing cityscapes. His work provides a fresh angle on happenings of urban life in Colorado.


Anthony Townsend is a photographer, musician, and Colorado-born creative professional. His Instagram account shares his unique perspective for movement and shape. Follow this Colorado photographer on Instagram if you’re interested in getting a less-than-typical view of our amazing Colorado culture.


Michael Rowe is another youthful adventurer sharing his Colorado expeditions with the world through his active Instagram account. By bike or by foot Michael is exploring our Rocky Mountains from valley to peak. Michael has shared images from many of Colorado’s 14ers.


This professional photographer is shares everything from the highest caliber outdoor photography to his thoughtful wedding portraits and family images. Tyler Jones, of Denver, Colorado will make you salivate over sushi and squeal with envy all through his daily feed.


Amy of Evergreen, Colorado is always on the go and her Instagram followers are always with her. Follow Amy on her many adventures trail running through Colorado’s front range and inner-mountain tundra. This early bird provides plenty of inspirational sunrises for anyone looking for that magic hour fix.


Professional fire fighters and amateur photographer, this Instagram account is full of hidden surprises. From the serenity of a peaceful mountain lake, to the magnificence of a majestic sky, the Colorado Sky Instagram account reminds us all that these gorgeous mountains really are in our backyard.


Kyle Colby is traveling the world with his eyes wide open. His Instagram feed displays a plethora of subject matter, from wildlife, architecture, to great local breweries. Follow Kyle for a daily reminder of that the beauty is in the details.