Colorado 54: Hero Highlight – Mollie Davidson’s Long’s Peak Clean Water Campaign!


Mollie Davidson’s Campaign Aims to ‘Change the World’ by helping 20 Families in Nicaragua Gain Access to Clean Water

Bouncing up the flatirons trail in the setting Colorado sun, 9-year-old Mollie Davidson talks about fishing with her father, reading mystery novels, and playing softball. Her straight blonde hair swishes playfully about her shoulders and she makes a constant activity of taking long swigs from her Camelback.

Mollie carries herself with the priceless energy of a 4th grader, but on August 2, 2014 she will put her endurance and spirit to the test with The Colorado 54, hiking Longs Peak to bring permanent clean water to Nicaraguan families.

Her father, Colter Davidson, introduced Mollie to The Colorado 54 in June of 2014, showing her the images of Nicaraguan children, just like her, fetching water in 5 gallon buckets from the nearby rivers. She was excited, Mollie said, to have the opportunity the do something to help.

“If I want to get clean water, I’m going to get a cup, put it under the faucet, and get clean water,” Mollie said. “If I had to get water out of a river that I had to drink and use for stuff, I would be like, ‘It’s disgusting and I don’t want to drink it.”

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Mollie’s original campaign goal of $500 was blown out of the water by generous contributions from inspired family members and friends. Now, when Mollie reaches the summit of Longs Peak, she can scrawl more than just her own name into the ledger. If she reaches her new campaign goal of $5,000 she will be representing 20 Nicaraguan families that will gain access to clean water.

Is she nervous about climbing Longs Peak? She squirms with slight apprehension as she formulates her response and gives her father a quick look for confirmation. Maybe, but her quintessential childhood enthusiasm shines through.

“I’m excited because it’s my first 14er,” Mollie said. “It means that I’m going to give people in Nicaragua clean water and I’ve hiked all the way up to do it.”

From her childhood home in Berthoud, Colorado, her mother and sisters will be able to squint at the massive summit of Longs Peak as it’s visible from the Front Range. That’s why they chose the mountain, Mollie says, so when she reaches the top, alongside her father, she can waive back to everyone that supported her clean water campaign.

Smiling, Mollie said, “Changed people changing the world means to me that God put us here to do something, and I’m going to do something.”

Will you do something with Mollie? Support her campaign, or join The Colorado 54 today!